Committed to ethical action in the construction industry

Selecting construction services and material suppliers requires careful consideration of capabilities and risks. But it’s also about equity and diversity; trusting that those you’re working with will continue to make you proud long after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

We believe that every contract has the ability to change the status quo in the construction industry. To offer greater opportunities to marginalised people, protections for subcontractors, and strengthen our great WA economy.

That’s why at Cooper & Oxley, we’re committed to creating a more diverse construction industry by providing training and employment opportunities for people who are traditionally underrepresented in the sector.

Successful projects of this scale are the result of strong partnerships

Our versatile skills, knowledge and experience allow for strategic engagements that improve outcomes for clients, contractors and the community.


Creating a better build experience across the construction industry

For us, success requires not only understanding the design, engineering and construction elements but also how the development benefits the built environment and works with the natural environment. Taking a holistic approach to construction is critical for creating outstanding outcomes for everyone involved.

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