Just a few of the other legends you’ll be working with

Each member of the Cooper & Oxley team brings their own unique experience from up and down the construction value chain.

We choose employees and contractors with the capability to realise each client’s vision, with proven experience in the areas we need.

If you see yourself as a collaborator, and someone driven to make every build a remarkable experience for all involved, feel free to get in touch about advancing your career with Cooper & Oxley.


Some things we reckon you’ll love about working with us

We collaborate and listen.

Your expertise is crucial to creating our best outcomes. So, if you have an idea about a better approach, a great solution, or a concern about anything you see on site, we want to hear it!

We pay weekly and quickly.

Our standard payment of invoices for contractors is 7-days — and our pay run for employees is on the same cycle.

A culture built on respect.

If you’re a good person, you’ll fit right in here. We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and work safe, meaning we take a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment.

Keep up-skilling with the best.

We’re committed to creating a more diverse construction industry by providing training and employment opportunities for people who are traditionally underrepresented in the sector.

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