A decade of building excellence for Ramsay Health Care

Hollywood is the largest private hospital in Western Australia and the largest Ramsay Hospital in Australia, with over 2,000 staff and 70,000 patients seen each year.

Cooper & Oxley has worked with Ramsay on three major expansions, always in a live operational hospital environment.

In 2009 we were awarded the Design & Construct of the four-level car park and three level medical suite building,

Our 2015 appointment included a kitchen, six ground floor theatres, a first floor plant room, 30 bed wards to the second and third floors, an additional shell fourth floor for future ward expansion, a rooftop plant room and a medical fit-out.

Most recently, in 2018, we were again selected as construction lead, this time providing four new theatres for the private hospital.

  • Construction footprint
    25,025m2 0m2
  • Total building area
    5,700m2 0m2
  • Additional bed wards
    30 0

A continuing relationship built on mutual respect, trust and project success

We initially worked with Ramsay Health Care to deliver a complex and technical project in the 2009 Hollywood Hospital car park and a three-storey medical suite building. Here, we were able to develop a distinctive and attractive campus that capitalises on its existing natural, building and heritage assets to uniquely position itself within the region.


Working in a live healthcare environment with minimal disruption and delays

Throughout each project, maintaining staff access to the existing facilities was critical to the successful project delivery. Cooper & Oxley worked closely with hospital management staff to communicate upcoming works, ensure scheduling conflicts were resolved, comply with dust and infection control measures and maintain public safety.

In 2015’s Anne Leach project, works were undertaken through the winter months, meaning careful coordination was required to address weather delays while ensuring we achieved the required construction program.

The site team were extremely professional throughout this build and worked effectively with our operations team to ensure the works did not impact the day to day running of the hospital.

Daniel Heredia, Deputy CEO/Director Medical Services

Experienced in highly technical healthcare construction

The 2015 Anne Leach project was awarded to Cooper & Oxley after a successful tender negotiation. The provision of extensive Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) services enabled us to provide ~$2m in cost savings and alternative staging proposals.

In 2018 we delivered an additional $1m in cost savings and rationalised the project timeline with extensive Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) services.

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  • In total cost savings
    $3m $0m
  • new theatres, plus wards and hospital facilities
    10 0
  • total value of all stages of projects
    $65m $0m

Demonstrated value through a better build experience

“Cooper & Oxley has demonstrated that they can handle the challenging and technical demands of healthcare work in a live environment and I can highly recommend them for such work in the future.”

– Daniel Heredia, Deputy CEO/Director Medical Services