A new focal point for this beachside community

Nestled between one of Western Australia’s most loved beaches and a rapidly transforming entertainment precinct, we needed to ensure minimal impact to a surrounding environment that was itself in flux.

The first stage of a $100 million redevelopment of the Scarborough foreshore, the distinct coastal aquatic facility was a central part of the revitalisation vision.

Design specs included an 8-lane, 50m x 30m heated pool, heated learn to swim pool, administration facilities and two standalone commercial facilities for further activation of the street at the water’s edge.

The distinct curved building design, inspired by the west coast’s undulating dunes, included feature precast curved columns, timber cladding and large curved tiled external feature wall.

  • Construction footprint
    1,200m2 0m2
  • Building Space
    856 0
  • Height
    44m 0m

Environmentally aware construction for a 6-star green building project

Sustainability was seen as integral to the design. Natural light, glare control, shading and natural ventilation all play a part in the utility and pleasantness of visiting the site.

The thoughtful delivery of construction equipment and building materials, to keep the building activities in a relatively small envelope.

For long-term energy efficiency, the pool taps into the Yarragadee aquifer to naturally heat swimming water without conventional gas boilers. It’s the first in the state to get a six-star green rating from the Green Building Council of Australia.

The conceptual approach conceives the project as both built form and coastal geology, exploring the tensions between the natural and cultural context of Scarborough.

Well-designed community amenities create a strong sense of place

When people love the area they live in and feel they have ownership over it, they look after it. So, yes, while this was about vibrant, dynamic placemaking, but it was also about bringing that insight and energy to our work every day.

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  • AIA Winner - John Septimus Roe Award for Urban Design
    2018 0018
  • tonnes of carbon dioxide offset per year.
    1,800 0
  • Green rating
    6-Star 0-Star

Scarborough Beach Pool the “jewel in the crown” of the precinct

Part of an active family-friendly hub for locals and tourists alike, the geo-thermal pool sits at an idyllic 27 degrees all year round and lures 1000+ swimmers each day in summer. The site also features a 200-seat grandstand and sun lounges. After handover, the 8-lane pool took about two weeks and 2.5 million litres of water to fill. City of Stirling mayor Mark Irwin said upon the opening, “Now with the pool looking complete and the area opening up there will be hope and excitement.”