Building environments to be welcoming, comfortable, and responsive to community needs

As specialists in building for healthcare and aged care, Cooper & Oxley sees the growing need to balance personalisation with scalability, process with innovation. In partnering with leading healthcare architects over the years, we’ve come to truly believe that thoughtful design and construction contributes to improved healthcare outcomes.

We seek to create positive impact for the community, through the use of tactile, durable and welcoming materials that merge healthcare and hospitality. Innovative use of modular elements also continue to improve outcomes in speed and efficacy.

As hospitals, health clinics and aged care facilities continue to evolve, we work confidently and compassionately in live environments with all their constraints. Whether your project includes operating theatres, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, plant patient or staff facilities, choosing a specialist in healthcare construction makes all the difference.

Successful projects of this scale are the result of strong partnerships

Our versatile skills, knowledge and experience allow for strategic engagements that improve outcomes for clients, contractors and the community.


Building healthcare environments that are attractive, functional, sustainable and inspiring

For us, that means not only understanding the design, engineering and construction elements but also healthcare professionals and the needs of the community. We work with design partners and clients to create places with positive impact for the community. Our consistent high-quality construction ensures minimal disruption, low maintenance and a positive visual impact.

Cooper & Oxley are well organised, personable, open and honest communicators striving to achieve the client’s vision within the built fabric.

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